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Facebook Akai MPC Groups

  • MPC Gang - 14.3K members -
  • AKAI MPC - 4.2K members -
  • Akai MPC/MPD/MPK Sampler Users - 2.4k members -
  • AKAI MPC ONE/X/LIVE - Private group - 12.7K members
    • Welcome!
    • Rules:
    • 1. Membership
    • 2. No promotions or spam
    • 3. No hate speech or bullying
  • Akai MPC X / Live / One - Private group - 5.2K members
    • User based group for Akai MPC X, Live & One. - Post related news, media, questions and recommendations. - Please no spam, maintain respect and have fun learning/teaching, thanks!
  • AKAI MPC Users - Public group - 1.8K members
    • Tokyo Japan based - no group description.
    • Pinned: “Any unrelated video/audio uploads with no explanation will be deleted and banned forever!”
  • Akai Professional - Public group - 603 members
  • Akai MPC LIVE Standalone - Private group - 4.6K members.
    • About:
      • Please has something to do with the MPC in your post. If there isn't your post will likely be removed.
      • Do not pirate or attempt to give away or sell goods that are not yours. Example: MPC Bible or sample packs. Support the MPC community do not take away from it. Any attempt to sell or give away something that isn't yours will result in immediate removal from the group.
      • Group dedicated to the MPC LIVE standalone. The purpose of this group is to discuss and share information about the MPC LIVE in standalone mode or with the use of the computer. So much can be done with the LIVE on its own, as well as when connected to other drum machines, turntables, synthesizers, effects, ect. Feel free to share your knowledge and ask questions so we can grow as a community and continue to create music.
  • Akai MPC Users United - Private group - 2.9K members -
    • About:
      • Thank you for joining Akai MPC Users United!
      • The purpose of this group:
        • - Showcase your unit / music
        • - Help others out with their MPC's
        • - Spread the love for the MPC
        • - Share commercial links (PLEASE LIMIT THIS TO ONE PER WEEK)
        • - Share ideas for expanding this industry
      • Rules:
        • - Please only share 1 “commercial” link per week
        • - Constructive criticism only
      • We do not want to “censor” anyone in this group, but the point of this is to be more of a forum than a marketplace. We will delete posts that we deem as 'spam' or that are inflammatory.
  • AKAI MPC - Private group - 557 members -
    • About: none
  • Akai MPC Electronic Music Production - Public group - 657 members -
    • About:
      • This group is dedicated to the production of electronic music with an Akai MPC. Please feel free to post as long as it's related.
  • Akai MPC Studio users. - Private group - 6 members
    • About: This group is for MPC STUDIO / BLACK users to share experience, data, and tracks. Rules are be cool or be gone.
  • Akai MPC Global 🌍 - Private group - 583 members
    • Sponsored: Group by Beats By Rossi
    • About: Welcome to Akai MPC Global 🌎!!! This is an MPC User Forum where any Akai product related topic can be discussed! Share your Tutorial Videos, Spotify Beat Playlists, Product/ Product Feature Suggestions etc. Please remain kind an cordial always! Keep Pounding Tha Pads!!
  • MPC X BEAT MAKERS - Private group - 2.4K members
    • About: All Music Producers are welcome to post your comments and questions and share your video's and pictures. There is no limit to what you post but the post must be about music production on your MPC. Vocal Artist are welcome to find producers to work with and collaborate on projects. Please show respect to everyone. Thank you.
    • NOTE!. From admin: AJ Miller - Let's vote: Which Drum Kit would you like free next? Pick one…
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